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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Thumbnail for Author Shannon Messenger Discusses Her Creative Journey
February 25, 2015 |Library

On Wednesday, we were excited to welcome Shannon Messenger, the author of Keeper of the Lost Cities series and Let the Sky Fall series, to Mirman.

Thumbnail for Alumnus Josh Lockman Leads an Upper School Debate
February 19, 2015 |Alumni

Mirman alumnus Josh Lockman '89-'96 visited Mirman School on February 18 to lead a discussion and student debate on the politics of the Middle East, and the role of the United States in the fight against terrorism.

Thumbnail for Rooms 4 Takes a Tour Through California
February 18, 2015 |Lower School

Today, our Rooms 4 students participated in a time-traveling adventure through the history and culture of our great state! Last week, each student was assigned a special word or phrase (such as gold miner, cowgirl, or bunch of grapes) that relates…

Thumbnail for Alumnus Ben Bram Takes Home a Grammy!
February 8, 2015 |Alumni

A huge congratulations to Mirman alumnus Ben Bram (pictured far right) and his group, Pentatonix, for their Grammy Award for Best Arrangement, Instrumental Or A Cappella this past Sunday.

Thumbnail for Hands-On with Hardware: Server Breakdown
February 5, 2015 |Technology

Mirman’s IT Department dropped by Room 5Z to give Ms. Zifkin’s students a chance for some hands-on tinkering with computer hardware. Two old servers were opened for closer inspection, and the students practiced removing and installing memory (RAM)…

Thumbnail for Writer Al Jean Shares Hidden ‘Simpsons’ Math Gags
February 4, 2015 |Special Guests

Mirman parent, former math major at Harvard, and Head Writer for ‘The Simpsons,’ Al Jean, gave our students an inside look at how the long-running animated series has incorporated mathematics into its famous repertoire of sight gags and ‘background…

Thumbnail for "What is Peace?" By Room 1R Students
February 3, 2015 |Lower School

Following our Peace and Social Justice assembly a few weeks back, Rooms One students discussed the meaning of peace. Students made peace doves and came up with what peace means to them.

Thumbnail for Cara Cara Oranges Pass the Healthy Taste Test
January 29, 2015 |Health & Wellness

Delicious! As part of Mirman's ongoing Healthy Habits initiative, students and faculty had the opportunity to try a fruit most of them had never heard of - Cara Cara oranges. The organic citrus supply was grown right up the freeway in Bakersfield,…

Thumbnail for Climbing Wall Gives Mirman Students a Leg Up
January 27, 2015 |Physical Education

On January 26 and 27, students were invited to try their hand at climbing a large scaling wall during Phys Ed and recess. While some found the structure impossible to overcome, many Mirmanites made it to the pinnacle without a hitch! Either way, it…