Art in First Grade

The elements of art and principles of design are reinforced throughout the year through students exploring and engaging with a variety of projects. Exploration of combining art media is reinforced through students experiencing projects that require different media. Various artists continue to be explored in connection with projects.

Students will:

  • Practice cutting, gluing, folding and the current placement of objects.
  • Understand and practice with one and two-point perspective.
  • Engage with imaginative use of color in an expressionistic composition.
  • Enhance their painting skills by being introduced to the double-loading technique of blending colors in paint.
  • Understand the concept of positive and negative space, as well as contrast, on all their projects.
  • Practice their printing skills through a mixed media project.
  • Understand and practice with three-dimensions in various media, including clay and paper, as well as use overlapping in composition to achieve the illusion of three-dimensional space.
  • Understand the concept of symmetry while using mixed media in artistic composition.
  • Understand multiple artistic techniques through exposure to a variety of artists and styles in conjunction with their self-made projects.
Lower School Art
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