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Library in First Grade

Students learn targeted information literacy skills by engaging in conversations about literature and diving further into research. Students understand the organization of books within libraries and how to locate fiction and picture books on specific topics. In addition, students strengthen research skills by diving diving further into research terminologies, citations, preselected websites, databases, and books.

Students will:

  • Make connections to our world and communities through literature and media.
  • Discern information (begin to practice how to make good choices, evaluate resources, draw conclusions, and think critically).
  • Ask/formulate questions to further understanding.
  • Explore and connect multiple perspectives through diverse literature (fiction and nonfiction) and dialogue.
  • Connect ideas shared from literature through dialogue and exchanged questions to own interests, previous knowledge and experiences.
  • Find details within text and images.
  • Respect copyright/intellectual property rights of creators and producers as they create basic research bibliographies for assignments.
  • Engage in guided discussions to creatively express their understanding and novel ideas.
  • Recognize to recognize that resources are created for a variety of purposes.
  • Exchange ideas, develop and deepen understanding, make decisions, and solve problems through read-alouds.
  • Gather and communicate understanding of information from diverse sources and identify ideas, conflicting information, and points of view.
  • Practice applying interactions and feedback from teachers to guide individual inquiry process for research projects.
  • Use the writing process, media and visual literacy, artistic formats, and technology skills to create presentations that express learning.
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