Music in First Grade

We will use the same building blocks, concepts and instruments from Kindergarten, but the music will be more developed. Children continue to solidify a sense of beat and pitch, and are now ready for more sophisticated Orff orchestration. Rhymes, poems, and folk songs provide text for musical improvisation. During the year, the children begin to sing simple canons. Continued progress in the area of “keeping the beat” to music is used in circle games stressing eye-hand coordination, both with and without instruments, and while singing.

Students will:

  • Show musical form with dance, pictures, letters, or objects to make up original music in form like AB or ABA or ABACA (rondo form).
  • Play patterns on xylophones faster and with proper mallet technique.
  • Explore opportunities for creative and expressive movement.
  • Compose more advanced combinations of rhythmic and melodic patterns on Orff instruments.
  • Sing combinations of solfege syllables (Do, Re, Mi, etc.) with hand signs.
  • Experience collaboration with peers.
Director of Music Programs
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