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PE in First Grade

The Mirman Physical Education Department emphasizes guiding students toward being physically fit individuals, provides an experience tailored to each student's respective abilities, and advocates well-developed social-emotional skills.

First Grade will be participating in PE according to the Shape National Standards.

At this level students expand on the understanding of the concepts of physical education by continuing to focus on sportsmanship, coordinated movement, spatial awareness, locomotor skills and build on the concepts of body awareness. Our PE teachers work with the First Grade students to broaden their spatial awareness, psychomotor skills and to further develop social-emotional skills through collaboration.

Students will:

  • Practice daily fitness activities.
  • Improve muscle flexibility through stretching.
  • Collaborate, share, and practice teamwork towards building social emotional health and wellness.
  • Engage in activities to engage in strength building.
  • Play games with defined rules and parameters to cultivate fair play and understanding of sportsmanship.
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Physical Education
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