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Social Studies in First Grade

Through the lens of Change, students explore social studies through research and hands-­on exploration. Students build on the study of Community Connections in Kindergarten by examining the impact of humans interacting with their environment. The goal is to examine consequential individuals’ contributions to historical and current societies, while examining their challenges and contributions as a foundation for becoming ethical and productive global citizens.

Students will practice the following:

Geography, Sequencing, and Map Skills

  • Recognize, label, and employ a compass rose, map legend, scale, and directions to determine relative location
  • Interpret and compare maps to demonstrate change and progression, and apply concepts of chronology and sequential events.
  • Create a personal timeline.
  • Identify
    • Hemispheres, poles, and the equator on a globe.
    • Continents and oceans
    • Physical features: mountains, hills, valleys, plateaus, plains, oceans, rivers, bays, and streams.
    • Countries, major rivers, and mountain ranges in North America.

    Students will develop and use research skills to investigate social studies concepts and will be able to distinguish between historical and current events and explore the concept of cause and effect.

    • Navigate multiple forms of media, to investigate the past and present, answer research questions, and prove ideas.
    • Integrate reading, writing, research, and artistic skills in a thematic unit that incorporates social studies.
    • Differentiate between biography/autobiography and primary/secondary sources, and identify potential benefits and biases of both.

    Historical Context and Cultural Competency

    • Compare and contrast historical events and contemporary challenges, issues, and outcomes from multiple perspectives.
    • Compare students’ lives with the lives of their parents, grandparents, and historical figures to illustrate how life has changed over time.
    • Understand the impact of natural resources and geographic features on varying lifestyles within diverse regions.
    • Understand the importance of place, time, and context of events.
    • Through service-learning experiences, articulate, explain, and defend the act of community participation as a citizen’s or community member’s responsibility, as well as a means to initiate social, political, or economic change.
    • Distinguish between fact and opinion, and examine cause and effect.
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