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Spanish in First Grade

In First Grade, students continue to explore the language via familiar topics, situations, people and places. This year, they start to use strategies on a regular basis to understand written texts. Practicing writing key words and short phrases becomes a frequent practice at this point. The teacher focuses on providing compelling compressible inputs to engage students in scenarios where they can succeed in the use of the targeted language. Physical response from the part of the students supports most dialogue exchanges and the exposure to new vocabulary.

By the end of First Grade Spanish, students will:

  • Ask and answer highly predictable and formulaic questions.
  • Use a variety of words to name familiar people, places, and things.
  • Be able to provide relevant biographical information.
  • Understand and produce highly practice words and occasional phrases.
  • Comprehend highly practiced and basic messages supported by visual or contextual clues.
  • Understand and produce some high frequency words.
  • Imitate model words, and use facial expressions and gestures.
  • Repeat words and expressions to maintain communication.
  • Understand some written words and phrases that has been practiced and memorized.
  • Comprehend a limited number of highly predicted vocabulary and commonly used expressions.
Lower School Spanish
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