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Music in Fourth Grade

Children in Fourth Grade participate in the Mustang Chorus, our entry-level choir. The mission of Mirman School’s vocal music program is to expose every child to multiple aspects of choral music, enriching the school community with a healthy and vibrant artistic culture while striving for excellence in the development of musical gifts. As children enter the vocal music program in the Lower School, the goal is for them to have fun and enjoy their time in class singing together. Children are exposed to foundational concepts such as rhythm, beat, solfege and simple choral techniques. Ultimately, we want to instill a love of music in each child. Students also continue to develop their understanding and application of music theory concepts, while also continuing to gain a more refined sense of how music can serve as a lens through which we can explore more complex social and cultural themes.

Students will:

  • Develop proper breathing for singing, pleasant vocal production, expansion of range, ear-training, and sight reading.
  • Demonstrate how to blend with other voices in the ensemble.
  • Interpret symbols and traditional terms referring to rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, articulation, and expression.
  • Accurately sing individual parts within a composition.
  • Use knowledge of musical terminology when describing, evaluating, and performing musical pieces.
  • Respond to the standard gestures and direction employed by the conductor.
  • Explore the lyrical and musical meaning of songs from different cultures while investigating their connection to themes of inclusivity and equity.
Choir Director and Music Teacher
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