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Spanish in Fourth Grade

In Fourth Grade, students become more independent in their learning process. They conduct interviews, do research, record videos, work in groups, create presentations and more. They work at their own pace, and become used to performing at a level that challenges them personally. They are able to increase or decrease the level of difficulty of tasks to better serve their learning.

By the end of Fourth Grade Spanish, students will:

  • Express self in conversations on very familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases, and sentences.
  • Understand and produces highly practiced words, phrases, and sentences.
  • Understand simple messages.
  • Communicate using high frequency and personalized vocabulary within familiar themes or topics.
  • Ask for clarification.
  • Use keywords and phrases to understand a variety of simple texts.
  • Understand main ideas on familiar topics from a variety of texts.
  • Derive meaning from texts by recognizing the familiar vocabulary but also by known structural patterns.
  • Begin to recognize word familiar roots, prefixes, and suffixes for meaning and understanding.
  • Communicate information on familiar topics using a variety of words and phrases that have been memorized.
  • Show emerging evidence of the ability to create messages in highly practiced contexts.
  • Produce language using sentences that are appropriate to the context.
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