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Theatre in Fourth Grade

In this dedicated improvisational performance skills class, we focus on spontaneously reacting to words, sounds, and environments. Students engage in unfamiliar contexts and imagined situations while learning the improvisation tools to embrace the unfamiliar scenarios in which they are placed. With the inclusion of short monologues, students begin to study and interpret dramatic texts. The year culminates with short plays, during which students collaborate with their peers to stage a fully-realized performance from beginning to end.

Student skill development includes:

  • Participation in improvisational activities to explore complex ideas and universal themes in literature and life.
  • Building their lexicon of the vocabulary of the theatre, including the terms sense memory, script, cue, monologue, dialogue, protagonist, and antagonist.
  • Demonstration and understanding of the the use of blocking (stage areas; levels; and actor's position, such as full front, quarter, and profile) towards staging a production.
  • Demonstration and understanding of the elements of characterization.
  • Individual and collaborative Work.
  • Constructive collaboration and positive engagement with their peers as partners in goal setting and execution of a small-scale production.
  • Introduction to interpretation and analysis of scripts.
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Amel Berg