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Music in Kindergarten

The idea of music training for young children is to begin with things kids enjoy, such as chant, movement, song, and play. Using speech activities, children create chants and play on the Orff instruments, while demonstrating loud and soft, fast and slow to make chanting sound interesting. The children take part in games involving singing, clapping, movement, and storytelling. We also explore making music on percussion instruments and xylophones. While developing the basic building blocks of musical training, children also explore the social and historical context of songs. Children explore how music relates to learning in other areas such as math and literacy, and they gain a sense of how music can serve as a lens through which we can better understand our world and our place in it.

Students will:

  • Enjoy singing, games, concepts, exposure to different music, exploration and experimentation with different classroom percussion instruments.
  • Explore and create body movements related to a steady beat and musical phrasing.
  • Learn to match pitch and sing in tune with a group.
  • Build imagination and curiosity while exploring creativity.
  • Understand song form and simple music forms like ABA
  • Show rhythms and melodies in different ways, from writing on paper to playing games.
  • Develop social emotional skills through small group music making
  • Perform rhythmic dictation including eighth notes and quarter notes.
  • Explore rhythmic connections to mathematical arithmetic.
  • Explore the lyrical and musical meaning of songs from different cultures while investigating their connection to themes of inclusivity and equity.
Director of Music Programs
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