Music in Kindergarten

The idea of music training for young children is to begin with things kids enjoy, such as chant, movement, song, play, and fantasy. Coming to music always is a surprise, and children never know what’s going to happen; instead, they march to the beat as they enter and improvise as they go along. Using speech activities, children chant their names, play on the Orff instruments, and demonstrate loud and soft, fast and slow to make chanting sound interesting. The children take part in games involving singing, clapping, dancing, and storytelling. We also explore making music on percussion instruments and xylophones.

Students will:

  • Compose their own melodies on xylophones based on rhymes and poems.
  • Show rhythms and melodies in different ways, from writing on paper to playing games.
  • Learn to match pitch and sing in tune with a group.
  • Utilize the system of solfege exercises (Do, Re, Mi, etc.) with hand signs.
  • Build imagination and curiosity while exploring creativity.
  • Explore and create body movements related to a steady beat and musical phrasing.
Director of Music Programs
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