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Social Studies in Kindergarten

Through the lens of community, students explore concepts of individual rights and responsibilities as related to their local and global communities. Through multiple perspectives, students learn and discover the varied facets of community roles including responsibility and respect, collaboration and connection with community members, common goals. By examining events and contributors from past to present, students begin to explore their own personal and extended communities.

Skills we focus on include the following:

Geography, Sequencing, and Map Skills

  • Identify locations on a map, including cities, states, countries, and oceans.
  • Understand and apply cardinal directions and simple map symbols to construct simple maps.
  • Put days, weeks, and months in proper order.


  • Utilize basic primary and secondary resources to begin discerning fact from opinion.
  • Explore print and electronic sources and identify features and attributes of both.
  • Organize information into cohesive projects and applying learning through creative formats and oral presentations.

Historical Context and Cultural Competency

  • Describe the rights and responsibilities of individuals within a community.
  • Understand elements of fair play and good sportsmanship, respect for the rights and opinions of others, and the rules by which we live.
  • Recognize the diversity of our communities and how individuals with varying experiences share common goals and values.
  • Distinguish between past, present, and future, and how communities change over time.
  • Understand communities as systems with important, diverse roles that are interdependent.
  • Consider multiple perspectives of members within and across communities.
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