Art in Room 5

The elements of art and principles of design are reinforced throughout the year through students exploring and engaging with a variety of projects continuing to work toward mastery on an individual basis. Various new techniques are also introduced. Various artists and time periods continue to be explored in connection with projects.

Students will:

  • Produce a painted three-dimensional piece such as a plate through using geometric shapes and color.
  • Create a painting based on their study of Demuth.
  • Create an image using a variety of self-chosen materials such as rice paper, watercolors, printed images from the internet, both oil and chalk pastels, and other mediums.
  • Understand a variety of Western and Nonwestern cultures, such as Persian miniatures, abstract Cubist paintings, African three-dimensional masks, and Islamic geometric designs.
  • Create a three-point perspective drawing advancing their drawing skills.
Lower School Art
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