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Music in Second Grade

We improve solfege singing, singing in unison, solo singing and rounds to perform beautiful music. Dance and creative movement inspired by visual arts, folk, classical, and popular music is also explored. Students continue to explore how music relates to learning in other areas such as social studies, math and literacy. They gain a more refined sense of how music can serve as a lens through which we can better understand our world and our place in it by exploring more complex social and cultural themes.

Students will:

  • Perform and experience syncopation in music and various rhythmic values.
  • Practice working together, sharing responsibility and compromising with others to accomplish a common goal.
  • Identify and perform time signatures in music such as 2/4, 3/4, 4/4.
  • Develop social emotional skills through small group music making
  • Perform rhythmic dictation including sixteenth notes, eighth notes, quarter notes, half notes and whole notes.
  • Expand vocal range to include octave from low “So” to high “So”.
  • Improvise and create pentatonic obstinate patterns.
  • Develop a repertoire of songs.
  • Develop social emotional skills through small group music making
  • Define phrase lengths and the ability to listen and recognize changes in musical quality, tempo, and melody.
  • Create introductions, interludes, and codas for songs and instrumental pieces.
  • Explore rhythmic connections to mathematical arithmetic and social studies.
  • Explore the lyrical and musical meaning of songs from different cultures while investigating their connection to themes of inclusivity and equity.
Director of Music Programs
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