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Technology in Second Grade

The foundations laid in earlier grade levels provide Second Grade students with the skills they need to being further exploration within curriculum using more advanced functions and more challenging and varied programs. A focus is made on working towards independence, problem-solving, and selecting the appropriate tool for solving a given problem. Students explore creative digital arts and self-expression while making personal connections to classroom topics.

Key concepts/skills:

Basic Technology Usage

  • Strategies for problem-solving
  • Touch typing
  • Cloud document management
  • Document and project sharing


  • Word Processing
  • Slideshows
  • Graphs and data collection, creation and interpretation
  • Google Apps
  • Shared documents
  • Digital presentations
  • Graphic organization and timelines

Digital Literacy and Citizenship

  • Common Sense Media (Read More)
  • Creative credit, copyright
  • Information literacy and research
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Privacy & Security

Creative Arts

  • Image editing software, use of multiple layers, tools and effects.
  • Digital animation
  • 3D object creation
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Combined media projects

Computer Programming and Coding

  • Computational and procedural thinking
  • HTML and CSS markup languages
  • Scratch Visual Programming
  • Robotics programming, including engineering and testing various models, sensors, and programming strategies

Design Thinking

Students in Second Grade continue to reinforce their knowledge of Design Thinking, with an introduction on the viability of prototyping and testing out their models. At this level, students begin to understand the framework as an interconnected process. Moreover, there is an emphasis on collaborative learning and presenting work in a way that is meaningful and reflective. The Second Grade Native American unit, particularly on dwellings and resources, is the centerpiece for interdisciplinary integration.

For supplemental learning, Second Grade students will:

  • Learn how to conduct open dialogue in collaborative atmospheres.
  • Utilize available tools and resources to develop potential projects.
  • Evaluate and solve design challenges using the SCAMPER model.
  • Articulate their findings and present their work for feedback.
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