Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mirman School has started the 20-21 school year remotely. Click here for more info.


Art in Third Grade

The elements of art and principles of design are reinforced throughout the year as students explore and engage with a variety of projects steadily working toward mastery. A variety of new techniques are also introduced. Students will continue to be introduced to a selection of artists and art historical movements in conjunction with their projects.

Students will:

  • Draw complex objects from life.
  • Produce the illusion of three dimensions in compositions by overlapping drawn objects, tinting for atmospheric perspective, and using shading techniques.
  • Practice with weaving techniques through the production of a woven vessel.
  • Create optical illusions on paper.
  • Produce compositions with one-point perspective and be introduced to three-point perspective.
  • Master techniques of color blending, understanding the strengths of primary, secondary, and intermediate colors, tints and shades, and warm versus cool colors.
  • Apply their knowledge of abstract and realistic works to the production of artworks that communicate their personal moods.
  • Understand and apply three-dimensional understanding by building a clay object.
Lower School Art
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