Art in Third Grade

The elements of art and principles of design are reinforced throughout the year through students exploring and engaging with a variety of projects steadily working toward mastery. A variety of new techniques are also introduced. Various artists and time periods continue to be explored in connection with projects.

Students will:

  • Practice with weaving techniques through production of a woven vessel.
  • Understand art elements by producing a mixed media expressionist composition using watercolor and colored pencil.
  • Draw complex objects from life.
  • Produce the illusion of three dimensions in compositions by overlapping drawn objects, tinting for atmospheric perspective, and proper use of previously taught shading techniques through painting.
  • Create optical illusions on paper.
  • Produce compositions with one or two point perspective.
  • Understand three-point perspective.
  • Master techniques of color blending, understanding the strengths of primary, secondary, and intermediate colors, tints and shades, warm versus cool colors, as well as their mutations and varieties.
  • Understand elements of art and principles of design by studying Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Expressionist artists and periods.
  • Apply their knowledge of abstract and realistic works to the production of artworks that communicate their personal moods.
Lower School Art
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