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Spanish in Third Grade

In Third Grade, students continue to explore other cultures. We rely heavily on cross-curricular projects to deepen the knowledge on topics they started studying in previous years. We bring in other disciplines like science and math. Students start to perform skills in a more organic way, showing their advancement in their level of proficiency.

By the end of Third Grade Spanish, students will:

  • Express self in conversations on very familiar topics using a variety of words, phrases and simple sentences.
  • Ask predictable and formulaic questions and respond by listing, naming, and identifying.
  • Be able to function in some personally relevant contexts on topics related to biographical information.
  • Understand and produces highly practiced words, phrases, and occasional sentences.
  • Understand simple messages when supported by contextual clues or redundancy.
  • Understand and produce high frequency words, expressions, and simple formulaic questions.
  • Maintain communication by imitating, using facial expressions, repeating words, or resorting to first language.
  • Use words, phrases and formulaic language that have been practiced to understand the main idea from a predictable oral or a written text.
  • Comprehends meaning by recognizing key words, formulaic phrases, and its context.
  • Rely on vocabulary to derive meaning from texts but also by sometimes recognizing structural patterns that have been used in familiar contexts.
  • Rely on recognition of cognates for understanding written texts and oral inputs.
  • Communicate information on familiar topics using a familiar words and phrases.
  • Produces a number of high frequency words and formulaic expressions according to context.
Lower School Spanish
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