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Theatre in Third Grade

Students in Third Grade theatre continue to build upon their performance skills through play-acting their imaginary interaction with objects and self-created worlds. Improvisation is enacted through the use of various sounds, words, and phrases. Through this type of “play,” students learn that the so-called impossible is indeed possible, and their creativity and imagination is limitless.

Students develop skills in:

  • Developing the vocabulary of theatre, such as objectives, motivation, and character to describe their goals in any given drama/improvisation exercise.
  • Demonstrating how voice (diction, pace, and volume) may be used to explore multiple possibilities within creative expression.
  • Demonstrating the emotional traits of a character or scenario through gesture.
  • Creativity and flexibility in problem solving.
  • Envisioning and embodying character.
  • Creating and enacting imagined narratives.
  • Practicing constructive collaboration and positive engagement with their peers as partners in goal setting and execution of game design and play.
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Amel Berg