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Drawing (Art I)

The elements of art and principles of design are reinforced throughout the year through students exploring and engaging with a variety of drawing projects, continuing to work toward mastery on an individual basis. A wide variety of new drawing techniques are introduced, and various artists and time periods continue to be explored in connection with projects.

Skills in this course include:

  • Understand and practice the realist perspective through drawing.
  • Understand and practice contour and blind contour drawing techniques.
  • Analyze one’s “self” and concepts of “identity” through self-portrait drawing.
  • Identify and experiment with a variety of materials, techniques, processes, and technology through a variety of projects.
  • Understand of multiple genres and perspectives through printmaking, pen and ink, charcoal, and colored pencil drawings.
  • Utilize vocabulary associated with the elements of art and principles during the critiquing process.
Upper School Art
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