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Math in Upper School 1

Upper School students are able to take the appropriately-challenging math class based on their understanding and skills in math. Math placement is based on a number of factors including demonstrated skills and knowledge, prerequisite experience, and past performance on classes and tests. The following math courses may be offered to Upper School 1 students:

Advanced Math

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Math Innovations I

Math Innovations develops a deeper student understanding of educational content by actively involving students in their own learning as new ideas are placed in real-world contexts that are relevant to their own lives.

Math Innovations focuses on targeted areas of mathematics while presenting students with guided opportunities for mathematical analysis and problem solving.

Students will:

  • Explore all four basic operations with rational numbers.
  • Introduce algebra and the different uses of variables in expressions, equations, inequalities, formulas and properties with real numbers.
  • Represent and analyze linear relationships using tables, graphs, equations, words and diagrams.
  • Derive and create recursive and explicit rules for patterns identified in tables, graphs and drawings.
  • Understand combinatorics and how to calculate permutations.
  • Construct and analyze double bar graphs, histograms and circle graphs.
  • Use data from random samples to draw inferences about a population
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Math Innovations II

Math Innovations II continues the integrated curriculum and builds upon student understanding of educational content introduced in Math Innovations I. Students remain actively engaged in the content by applying the concepts to “real-world” contexts, working through word problems, examining the reasoning behind the computations, and exploring the relevancy of each topic as it may apply other concepts and situations.

As in Innovations I, each unit in Math Innovations focuses on a particular area of mathematics while presenting students with guided opportunities for mathematical analysis and problem solving.

Students in Math Innovations II will:

  • Solve complex equations by using the order of operations and combining like terms.
  • Solve and graph inequalities on a number line.
  • Evaluate expressions using the rules of exponents.
  • Recognize and graph quadratic and exponential functions.
  • Find measures of angles formed by parallel lines and a transversal.
  • Understand and use properties of similar triangles using dilations, rotations, reflections and translations.
  • Work with and develop formulas for the volume of cylinders, cones and spheres.
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