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Science II — Earth and Space Science

In Upper School 2 science, students explore the planet Earth and our place on the planet. Students will focus on developing models to illustrate how Earth’s interaction with the Sun and Moon shape our world. Astronomy will be explored followed by a focus on Earth’s natural systems, which shape its landscape, weather and climate. The final unit will deal with how the Earth and Humans interact culminating in a resource argumentation and final project on effectively communicating climate change and potential solutions. Students also participate in science fair to experience running a full research project from start to finish and further develop skills of the scientific method.

Students will:

  • Collect, evaluate, and employ information from multiple primary and secondary sources.
  • Conduct individual and group experiments to test hypotheses.
  • Apply findings in oral, written, and visual presentations.
  • Develop research skills through scientific experimentation and independent research projects.
  • Synthesize complex ideas, in written, discussion, visual, graphic and oral presentations, to present balanced information with clarity, conciseness, and thorough presentation skills.

The units of content covered will include:

  • Earth’s place in the universe, where students explore our universe, the relationship of the Earth to the sun and moon, the role gravity plays in shaping the universe and Earth’s geological history.
  • Earth’s systems, where students will explore the cycle of earth’s materials and water, how that shapes Earth’s landscapes in the past and present, and what causes weather and climate
  • Earth and Human Activity, where students will explore how Earth’s resources are distributed and used, natural hazards and how to prevent them, and human influence on the environment with a focus on climate change.