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Music II

The US2 Music II course is a semester long course that focuses on music through performance. Building on many of the concepts learned in Lower School music and US1 Music, students will expand their knowledge and literacy through Orff percussion and ukulele ensembles. In addition to performance practice, students will also have opportunities for composition, and will continue to explore music history, while listening to and analyzing music from a variety of cultures, genres, and time periods. Students will develop a clear understanding of the importance of music in our greater society in order to become a well-rounded and empathetic learners.

Students will:

  • Experience, recognize, respond to, read, notate, perform, and create rhythms and rhythmic patterns in a variety of meters.
  • Recognize, identify, and respond to expressive elements of music, including dynamics, tempo, and articulation.
  • Demonstrate improvisation technique.
  • Play echo and question/answer patterns.
  • Experience collaboration and continue to build on sharing responsibility, compromising and accomplishing common goals.
  • Make connections between music concepts and other areas of learning, such as history, math, literature, art, science, and theatre.
Choir Director and Music Teacher
310-476-2868 ext 221