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Design, Compute, Build

The class will be separated largely into two semesters. The first semester will concern itself with tool familiarization and skill building (e.g. applications in computational thinking, learning Python, C++). While small projects will be undertaken, these will be specifically designed to reinforce skill objectives. Moving into the second semester, large projects will concern themselves with student interest, using the skills developed in the first semester.

Design, Compute, Build (DCB) promotes innovative hands-on learning by combining hardware and software development as students will:

  • Understand and learn tools for software development: Terminal, Atom, Virtual Machine, 123D Circuits.
  • Utilize and apply the knowledge towards hardware components: Arduino, Adafruit, Raspberry Pi, breadboard and power sourcing skills.
  • Construct supplemental knowledge through research and practice in Stack Overflow, Arduino Playground, and Codecademy.
  • Demonstrate applied knowledge through small class projects.
  • Design and create a capstone project based on an evaluation of first semester assignments.
Upper School Technology Integrationist
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