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Science III — Life Sciences

In the Upper School 3, students explore the fundamentals of life through examination of biology and ecology. Students start by learning about cells as the basic unit of life, with a focus on a deeper exploration of cell structures and functions and its role in the development and formation of living organisms. Students then explore how living and non-living components interact to form complex ecosystems, making up the natural world. Genetics and evolution are also covered, building on the basis of what was learned earlier in the year. A focus on research runs through many of the projects in US3, including science fair, to further the development of the skills of data collection and analysis, modeling variable and outcome correlations, and findings’ interpretation and presentation.

Students will:

  • Collect, evaluate, and employ information from multiple primary and secondary sources.
  • Conduct individual and group experiments to test hypotheses.
  • Apply findings in oral, written, and visual presentations.
  • Develop research skills through scientific experimentation and independent research projects.
  • Synthesize complex ideas, in written, discussion, visual, graphic and oral presentations, to present balanced information with clarity, conciseness, and thorough presentation skills.

The units of content covered will include:

  1. From molecules to organisms, where students explore the structure, function, and interaction of cells.
  2. Ecosystems and the Environment, where students explore the components and functional roles within ecosystems, how they respond to change and how to maintain healthy ecosystems.
  3. Genetics and Heredity, where student explore what genes are, what they do, how they can change and how they are passed on.
  4. The Evolution of Life, where students explore the similarities and differences in organisms on earth, how these differences came to be and how they continue to evolve.