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Global Studies Perspectives

Global Studies is a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary course for students to explore past and present events that have impacted the development of our current "global society." Through an in-depth study of critical events, students begin to understand how cultures, languages, and customs are shaped by the interactions of diverse individuals, communities, and nations as systems of power (and privilege) and governance shift. Students trace the developments of how varying cultures and national identities are diverse within and across space/time, and how each identity interact and influence the “global society”. Global studies focuses on the interconnections of diverse individuals, communities, and systems at the local and global level through detailed scholarship in history, politics, and multicultural education.

Students will:

  • Recognize the influence of past events as they impact current systems and structures considering ideas of cause and effect.
  • Use a variety of documents to interpret human movement and the associated developments, innovations, and frictions caused by migration.
  • Develop research skills through the use of print and electronic sources and create effective basic research bibliographies in concert with our research specialist.
  • Consider valid and fallacious arguments in historical interpretations through identifying bias and prejudice in historical interpretations.
  • Evaluate major debates among and evidence utilized by historians concerning alternative interpretations of the past.
  • Collect, evaluate, and employ information from multiple primary and secondary sources and apply it in oral and written presentations.
  • Write historically-focused analytical and persuasive essays utilizing effective thesis statements, topic paragraphs, supporting arguments through textual evidence, and strong concluding paragraphs.
  • Synthesize complex ideas in writing, discussion, and oral presentations in order to present balanced information with clarity, conciseness, and thorough presentation skills.
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