Math in Upper School 4

Upper School students are able to take the appropriately-challenging math class based on their understanding and skills in math. Math placement is based on a number of factors including demonstrated skills and knowledge, prerequisite experience, and past performance on classes and tests.The following courses may be offered to Upper School 4 students (please note that all levels are not always available, nor expected of students):

Advanced Algebra

Students build on Algebra I skill set with a focus on advanced problem-solving and critical thinking. Using the Pearson text series, students engage in high level discussions and complete projects to further their conceptual understanding.

Students will:

  • Evaluate and simplify expressions
  • Master exponents, radicals, polynomials, and rational expressions.
  • Graph lines, find distances, and solve systems of lines and inequalities on the coordinate plane.
  • Solve and apply quadratics to projectiles and other real world applications.
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Algebra II

Students build on foundations of algebra utilizing The Art of Problem Solving: Intermediate Algebra as a core text. In this Algebra course, students delves deeper into the algebraic concepts with progressively greater complexity. While the focus remains on students developing advanced problem-solving skills, perseverance, and creativity skills while learning the mathematical topics, this course allows for students to be challenged with more advanced Algebraic problems as they master each concept.

Students will:

  • Manipulate linear and polynomial functions.
  • Graph polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, rational functions, and complex numbers and functions on the polar plane.
  • Recognize factoring patterns.
  • Model using linear and exponential relationships.
  • Understand Conic sections.
  • Practice Trigonometric functions and identities.


Students focus on geometry, trigonometry, and advanced topics in Algebra. UsingThe Art of Problem Solving: Introduction to Geometry as a core text, students continue to utilize advanced problem-solving skills, perseverance, and creativity through projects and explorations of mathematical topics. This integrated “hands-on” course enables students to explore design-thinking and STEM-based projects and ideas into their learning.

Students will:

  • Explore similar and congruent triangles.
  • Understand quadrilaterals, polygons, and circles.
  • Find areas of irregular shapes.
  • Practice three-dimensional geometry.
  • Understand transformations.
  • Explore trigonometry.
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