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Science IV — Physical Sciences

In the Upper School 4 curriculum, students explore chemical and physical concepts and how they relate to energy and energy transfer. Students start off the year delving into chemistry, developing lab-based protocols and skills. Physics is explored with an emphasis on how forces and energy apply to our everyday lives. Students integrate mathematical concepts into testing predictions to prove established formula. Students will also focus on ways that we use science to enhance our everyday lives and the impact of scientific advancements on the world around us. There will be a particular focus on project and model development with engineering principles incorporated throughout.

Students will:

  • Collect, evaluate, and employ information from multiple primary and secondary sources.
  • Conduct individual and group experiments to test hypotheses.
  • Apply findings in oral, written, and visual presentations.
  • Develop research skills through scientific experimentation and independent research projects.
  • Synthesize complex ideas, in written, discussion, visual, graphic and oral presentations, to present balanced information with clarity, conciseness, and thorough presentation skills.

The units of content covered will include:

  • Matter and its Interactions, where students explore atoms and molecules and the chemical and nuclear reactions that can occur between them.
  • Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions, where students explore objects’ motion and how Newton’s laws can help us predict movement and force, and different types of forces that act on objects.
  • Energy, where students explore the different types of energy, how they are transferred between objects, and how humans use energy.
  • Waves and their applications in technology, where students delve further into wave properties and explore how waves, especially electromagnetic radiation, are used in our modern world