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Project: Impact

This year in Project: Impact, we will be using the power of data to understand our world and propose real solutions for problems faced by real people. In addition to tackling statistical concepts, we will use the Python programming language to analyze data, create models, and run simulations to test our hypotheses. The course design is split roughly by semester. In Semester 1, students will explore statistical concepts and develop their data analysis skills through curated datasets. Topics may include social science, public policy, environmental science, sports, and politics. Student interest will drive much of the specific material used in the first semester, as the skills we’ll be developing are largely content-agnostic. Toward the end of the Semester 1, students will be asked to create a proposal for a research project. In Semester 2, students will begin to study and learn research design and methodologies to present a problem-based deliverable. This project’s aim will be to discover datasets related to a specific problem area, analyze the data, and propose a solution to the problem that uses the analyzed data as evidence. These projects and proposals will be presented at the “Changemaker Fair” component of Peace and Social Justice Day in May 2019 This proposal will serve as the students’ “capstone” for Project: Impact.

Students will practice the following skills/concepts:

Programming/Computational Data

  • Lists
  • Iteration
  • Functions
  • Plotting


  • Mean/Median/Mode
  • Types of data
  • Correlation in bi/multivariate data
  • Distribution
  • Variance/Standard Deviation
  • Sampling
  • Probability
  • Models/Simulation


  • Searching for datasets
  • Evaluating data
  • Searching for research papers within a subject
  • Reading academic research
  • Using research appropriately in written reports
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