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Theatre IV

As students move up to Upper School 4, we focus on producing a full-length musical performance, developing students’ performance and technical skills including working with the lighting, sound, props, run-crew, and costumes of a show. Students engage in the holistic production process from auditions to reading and understanding music, learning choreography, and developing their understanding and embodiment of characters through their acting.

Students practice:

  • Managing time, prioritize responsibilities, and meet completion deadlines for a production as specified by group leaders, team members, or directors.
  • Making acting choices, using script analysis, character research, reflection, and revision through the rehearsal process.
  • Using the vocabulary of theatre, such as acting values, style, genre, design, and theme, to describe theatrical experiences.
  • Using an integrated model with our Music Departments students also work on their singing voice, projection, diction, how to embody a character through song.
  • Demonstrating projection, vocal variety, diction, gesture, and confidence in an oral presentation and oral storytelling.
  • Maintaining a rehearsal script/notebook to record directions and blocking.
  • Identifying and analyzing recurring themes and patterns (e.g., loyalty, bravery, revenge, redemption) in a script to make production choices in design and direction.
  • Analyzing the use of figurative language and imagery in dramatic texts.
  • Deepening the level of understanding of the concepts of characterization including speech patterns, physicality, and facial expressions.
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