Four-Day Electives (Year-long)

We have a diverse offering of electives for our students to pursue all their different passions, ranging from yearbook to robotics. These courses meet four times per week for a semester:

Concert Singers

The Mirman School Concert Singers is offered to all Upper School students who desire to further their musical knowledge and vocal skills. The Concert Singers assist in numerous school-wide performances, such as the Winter Program, the Pops Concert, Open House, and Graduation, as well as traveling to perform in state/country-wide choral festivals.

Director of Music Programs
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Choral Director
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This is a fast-paced Geometry class that will attempt to keep pace with the core Geometry class offered to students who have completed Algebra 2. We will complete an extensive study of triangles, quadrilaterals and circles. We will also study formal proofs, 3-dimensional geometry, right triangle trigonometry, and conics. If you are taking Algebra 2 this coming year and would like to study Geometry concurrently, this class is for you. If you are taking Algebra 1 this coming year, and get approval from your current math teacher, you may also be eligible for this course.

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Intermediate Mandarin

We recognize that the level of proficiency each student attains may be different when learning a language. Therefore, flexibility is built into our elective classes. Every offering has objectives to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, although emphasis may be different from course to course.

In order to meet the objectives, several tracks are offered in our elective Mandarin courses, from beginning to advanced level. Learners are exposed to the language through thematic design and communicative-based language experiences in different levels, including Chinese Proficiency Test, HSK(Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì, 汉语水平考试), and introductions of SAT and AP Chinese tests.

Mandarin Teacher
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Moral and Ethical Issues in Film

Moral and Ethical Issue on Film will be a survey film class that looks at how motion pictures raise and explore moral and ethical situations. The films will range across a variety of genres, from drama to comedy to westerns to science fiction and fantasy. The stories will be set in the past, the present, and the future. What all the movies will have in common though, is that they will all contain situations that require story characters to grapple with moral and ethical considerations, to make decisions about "right" and "wrong," and to live with the consequences of their decisions.


Students create the Mirman School yearbook using Adobe InDesign. The yearbook staff determines the theme for the year, establishes the ladder and creates style guides for layout, graphics and copy. Using this information, students work in pairs to develop individual spreads and learn to interface with parents, teachers, Lower School students, and administrators as they develop the page content. They are responsible for all elements on the page, including photography, layout and copy, and they must meet specific deadlines four times during the year. Yearbook also provides leadership opportunities for returning students selected to fill editorial positions. Students must be willing to commit to a four-day per week elective, in addition to a possibly one or two other class periods (LEAP, etc). They may not participate in any other electives or help out in other electives during the production of the book.

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Assistant Teacher / Assistant Yearbook Coordinator