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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Faculty Directory

Mirman employs a dedicated team of lead and assistant teachers, all with specialized knowledge and teaching experience. Our breadth of faculty ensures that all students receive the individual attention they need to grow and thrive in all subject areas. Navigate the directory below to learn more about our faculty or to get their contact information.

Lower School

Thumbnail for Rose Bachtel
310-476-2868 ext 236
Thumbnail for Lisa Barba
Room 5B
310-476-2868 ext 224
Thumbnail for Brad Barry
Room 4B
310-476-2868 ext 216
Thumbnail for Grace Choe
Room 3C
310-476-2868 ext 226
Thumbnail for Dan Gibbs
Kindergarten G
310-476-2868 ext 205
Thumbnail for Peter Krejcarek
Lower School Science Specialist
310-476-2868 ext 244
Thumbnail for Julie Leavitt
Room 4L
310-476-2868 ext 257
Thumbnail for Tessa McKeown
Room 2M
310-476-2868 ext 230
Thumbnail for Sarah Moore
Room 3M
310-476-2868 ext 228
Thumbnail for Nathan Orr
Lower School Mathematics Specialist
310-476-2868 ext 212
Thumbnail for Stephanie Rourick
Kindergarten R
310-476-2868 ext 231
Thumbnail for Suzanna Zifkin
Room 5Z
310-476-2868 ext 220

Upper School

Thumbnail for Peter Brady
310-476-2868 ext 237
Thumbnail for Stephanie Feder
310-476-2868 ext 232
Thumbnail for Dr. Jay Fisch
310-476-2868 ext 269
Thumbnail for Jared Kerr
310-476-2868 ext 238
Thumbnail for Dr. Sun Lee
310-476-2868 ext 242
Thumbnail for Kara Luna
310-476-2868 ext 241
Thumbnail for Gian Molero
310-476-2868 ext 250
Thumbnail for Judith Sacks
310-476-2868 ext 331
Thumbnail for Wendy Samson
310-476-2868 ext 234
Thumbnail for Ron Simmons
Mathematics Department Chair
(310) 476-2868 ext. 272
Thumbnail for Leah Villanueva
Debate Coach


Thumbnail for Angela Brown
Athletic Director
310-476-2868 ext 239
Thumbnail for Michael Coleman
Physical Education
310-476-2868 ext 335
Thumbnail for Karin Durup
310-476-2868 ext 222
Thumbnail for Jeffery Flagg
STEM Director
310-476-2868 ext 218
Thumbnail for Allen Foster
Physical Education
310-476-2868 ext 339
Thumbnail for Amy Heppe
LS Technology Integrationist
310-476-2868 ext 229
Thumbnail for Sean Lueder
US Technology Integrationist
310-476-2868 ext 261
Thumbnail for Jeff Maynard
Theatre Arts
310-476-2868 ext 225
Thumbnail for Amanda Sullivan
Robotics Coach
Thumbnail for Alyssa Woods
Associate Teacher-Physical Education / Assistant to Athletic Director
310-476-2868 ext 268

Assistant Teachers

Thumbnail for Emily Donnelly
Assistant Teacher
Lower School Science
Thumbnail for Peter Dymock
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Kristine Kobe
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Rosie Glen-Lambert
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Rachel Leve
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Erick Lopez
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Gabby Medina
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Elizabeth Nelson
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Samone Rankins
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Tricia Ro
Assistant Teacher
Thumbnail for Giovanni Zelaya
Assistant Teacher