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Raised to the power of Mirman

Raised to the power of Mirman

Faculty Directory

Mirman employs a dedicated team of lead, associate, and assistant teachers, all with specialized knowledge and teaching experience. We also have a dedicated team of specialists in several subject areas, as well as a slate of coaches accomplished as both athletes and teachers. Our breadth of faculty ensures that all students receive the individual attention they need to grow and thrive in all subject areas. Navigate the directory below to learn more about our faculty or to get their contact information.

Lower School

Thumbnail for Mary Beth Carosello
Lower School Art
310-476-2868 ext 223
Thumbnail for Katy Carroll
Kindergarten B
310-476-2868 ext 222
Thumbnail for Sandra Cortez
Third Grade A
310-476-2868 ext 216
Thumbnail for Debbie Davis
Lower School Learning Specialist
310-476-2868 ext 284
Thumbnail for Ara Elliott
Lower School Spanish
310-476-2868 ext 236
Thumbnail for Carly Ginsberg
Second Grade B
310-476-2868 ext 228
Thumbnail for Jared Hubbard
First Grade A
310-476-2868 ext 267
Thumbnail for Julie Leavitt
Fourth Grade B
310-476-2868 ext 257
Thumbnail for Paige Moyer
Lower School Science
310-476-2868 ext 244
Thumbnail for Robin Raval
Second Grade A
310-476-2868 ext 226
Thumbnail for Tina Ravanshenas
Third Grade B
310-476-2868 ext 224
Thumbnail for Amy Tedder
Fourth Grade A
310-476-2868 ext 220
Thumbnail for Allison Winter
Kindergarten A
310-476-2868 ext 205
Thumbnail for Shiqing Yin
Lower School Mandarin
310-476-2868 ext 331
Thumbnail for Catherine Yoon
First Grade B
310-476-2868 ext 231

Upper School

Thumbnail for Simon Darcy
310-476-2868 ext 233
Thumbnail for Aileen M. Level
310-476-2868 ext 237
Thumbnail for Kara Luna
310-476-2868 ext 241
Thumbnail for Gian Molero
Upper School Spanish
310-476-2868 ext 250
Thumbnail for Dr. Andrea Peoples Marwah
310-476-2868 ext 269
Thumbnail for Karyn Raz
Upper School Art
310-476-2868 ext 223
Thumbnail for Adam Tabeling
310-476-2868 ext 235
Thumbnail for Olympia Taheri
Thumbnail for Alyssa Wray
310-476-2868 ext 254


Thumbnail for Stephanie Braun
310-476-2868 ext 232
Thumbnail for Michael Coleman
Physical Education
310-476-2868 ext 335
Thumbnail for Allen Foster
Physical Education
310-476-2868 ext 339
Thumbnail for Dr. Benjamin Gross
Thumbnail for Courtenay Kanyikirize
Innovation and Media Specialist
310-476-2868 ext 227
Thumbnail for Nicolás Kello
Director of Music Programs
310-476-2868 ext 221
Thumbnail for Sean Lueder
Upper School Technology Integrationist
310-476-2868 ext 261
Thumbnail for Jeff Maynard
310-476-2868 ext 225
Thumbnail for Dan Song
310-476-2868 ext 260
Thumbnail for Anna Volodarskaya
Choir Director and Music Teacher
310-476-2868 ext 221

Associate and Assistant Teachers

Athletics & PE Coaches

Thumbnail for Angela Brown
Athletics Director
310-476-2868 ext 239
Thumbnail for Michael Coleman
Physical Education
310-476-2868 ext 335
Thumbnail for Carlos Ferreira
Athletics Coach
Thumbnail for Allen Foster
Physical Education
310-476-2868 ext 339
Thumbnail for Kim Henry
Athletics Coach
Thumbnail for Leonardo Matos
Athletics Coach
Thumbnail for Douglas Monet
Assistant Athletics Director / Associate Teacher
310-476-2868 ext 268