Music at Mirman

Mirman School offers multifaceted music programs, led and overseen by Director of Music Programs Nicolás Kello, that cater to students’ diverse interests and talents.

In the general music program, which runs from Kindergarten through Upper School 1, students immerse themselves in singing, moving, playing classroom instruments and games while exploring fundamental concepts of music theory and literacy. Through an inquiry method rooted in guiding questions, students investigate the meaning of various songs and music's social/historical context while exploring themes of inclusivity and equity. Musical experiences are carefully sequenced to provide step-by-step development in both skill and understanding and are thoughtfully integrated with other elements of the academic curriculum at each grade level. Children also explore and prepare repertoire for the Winter Program based on overarching themes and cross-cutting concepts.

The vocal music program at Mirman School has two performing and touring groups led by Choral Director Ashley Ramsey: the Mustang Chorus and the award-winning Concert Singers.

Mustang Chorus, Mirman's entry-level choir, is made up of students in Room 5.

Based on space availability, the Concert Singers is offered to Upper School students who meet the requisite vocal skill level and who desire to develop their musical knowledge and vocal ability at a more sophisticated level. Each singer develops a work ethic and an awareness of the responsibilities that promote the highest level of success for the individual student and program as a whole.

Concerts produced throughout the year include the annual Winter Program and the Spring Concert.

In the Upper School, the Electronic Music Production and Songwriting & Musical Performance electives offer students an opportunity to explore more practical applications of music making that incorporate instrumental and compositional techniques and allow for a more sophisticated use of technology.